Are You Prepared?Life takes us on many adventures. None more mysterious than when we leave this world. There is sadness, for sure. And there is probably a feeling of not having accomplished enough. Some cultures believe we fly away on gossamer wings. Others that we never really leave but remain to protect or pester our loved ones. Some believe we simply become part of the earth. Many of us believe there is something waiting for us, along with a few duties and the ability to watch over those we left behind. These beliefs can sometimes intensify feelings of responsibility to our families before we go. There are the logistics that nag us: how is the funeral paid for? Who will speak? Who can I politely ask not to speak? Where will I be laid to rest? And do we really need to have bagpipes? Once these are taken care of, we can focus on the relationships we value the most. Time is the one commodity we can never seem to get enough of. Being prepared frees up our minds and hearts to make use of the time we have. There is only so much time. And whether we fly away on wings when we die or get to sit unnoticed at a grandchild’s recital, knowing your loved ones don’t have to stress out over your funeral or find a way to pay for it is the best gift you can give them, and yourself. If you’ve already pre-planned your funeral and cemetery needs, then you know exactly this feeling of peace of mind. If you haven’t pre-planned yet, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at. We are here to help guide you and ensure that all of your needs are taken care.